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Professional Guidance Financial Services seeks to help ordinary people do extraordinary things. Our clients are from all walks of life – individuals, couples, business owners, and families who have made saving for retirement a priority. We recognize that planning for the future can be challenging, so we simplify the process to help you understand your options and feel confident in making decisions. Seeing our clients achieve their goals is a blessing and our dedication is reinforced through our clients’ success.


PG Financial helps clients establish financial goals for the important parts of their lives and creates comprehensive financial plans after closely examining clients’ assets, income streams, and expenditures. Your custom financial plan will identify financial goals, analyze your current portfolio, and aim to achieve both near future objectives and long-term dreams. These goals can include preparing for retirement, buying a dream home, building education savings for grandchildren, or reducing debt and liabilities.


Are you more comfortable with slow and steady growth in your portfolio, or do you allow for fluctuations if it means a greater potential for growth? Preparing for inevitable changes and variations in the market climate is not enough; we understand that clients also need investments that are suited to their risk tolerance, investment objectives, and retirement timeframe. We analyze investment portfolios to identify areas of overlap, extra risk, and make allocation recommendations for either passive or tactical strategies.


PG Financial’s planning strategies are designed to help clients maximize net return and accumulate the most wealth possible. Taking into account tax liabilities and the implications of various investments allows us to create a more comprehensive investment portfolio for you now and into retirement.


Just as our clients carefully select their network of professional advisors, we have the opportunity to choose ours. We have selected Osaic as our broker-dealer for their dedication to helping independent advisors serve their clients without quotas or the limitations of in-house products. We do not have proprietary products to push – our recommendations are focused on each client’s needs and goals.

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